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K D's P l a c e


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Favorite Links

These are some of my favorite web sites.

For inspirational stories and poems, you can't beat Susan Fahncke's site, 2theHeart.

2theHeart web site

For Christian news, articles, and much more - is a great site! site

For great music, visit this site:

Stephen Hinkle

Here's a link to my family genealogy site:

The Roy Harper Family Site

Go to the excerpt page to read the first chapter of my book "Thirty-one Years and a Stumble":

Book Excerpt

To read another chapter from "Thirty-one Years and a Stumble," you can go to the Xlibris bookstore, put the title in the search, and read a chapter or the author bio:

Xlibris Bookstore

To read an excerpt from "True Tales of a Southern Family" go to the Tales Excerpt page:

Tales Excerpt

Just for fun and games, go to Boxerjam.

Boxerjam games