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Karen DeLoach

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Thirty-One Years and a Stumble
By: Karen Harper DeLoach
ISBN: 0-7388-4134-X  
Pages: 140  $19.95
Publisher: Xlibris Corp.
Marriage, at its best is not without challenges.  To say that a marriage will not have speed-bumps, is like saying the earth will not birth a new day.  However, I myself know of very few women who have actually used their faith and knowledge of God's Word to plow through not just speed-bumps but a stone wall, as the author of this work did.
This book is one of deep faith and assurance in the power of actually living the Word of God in our lives.  Karen leads you through the Scriptures that the Lord gives to her to claim for her husband's deliverance and for her own.  As difficult as it was, she allowed God to change her so she could gently lead her wayward husband back to the Lord and his family.
This is the story of a woman of great faith.  One that does not take lightly the promises of God, but strives to live the words that her faith is based on.  (This book) certainly is a reminder to all of us who profess to be followers of Christ, that His Word is yes and Amen, if we only have the courage to walk what we talk. This is one woman who did! Very high recommendation!
Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
Denise's Pieces
MidWest Book Review
Thirty-One Years and a Stumble
by Karen Harper DeLoach
Published by Xlibris Corporation
Released December 2000
ISBN 073884134X
Karen has bared her soul and her life for all to see, with a twofold purpose. First, that she may give credit and praise to the One Who brought her through the most difficult trial of her life. Second, to show that this personal account of her hopelessness and despair did not end in tragedy, but in triumph. And that someone, somewhere will also find the courage to believe for a miracle of restoration and recovery for their own shattered hopes and dreams. Read it, believe it, live it. - Michael Harper, Oklahoma, Author "Gone A-Preachin' "
This book is an excellent source of reading for anyone who has ever experienced hardships and disappointments in relationships. You can feel the pain and the determination to not give up before all resources are exhausted. Faith in God and the ability to totally put your life in his hands and lean on Him to give you what He intends for you to have in your life. A true example of the meaning of the wedding vows, " in good times and bad times","for richer, for poorer", "til death us do part". It touches the heart and gives hope for all who face devastating challenges. - Linda L., Brooklet, Georgia
I couldn't put your book down.  It was so well written and easy to read.  Thank you for sharing your story.  If we all opened our hearts and shared what God has done for us, the light would produce a warm glow to brighten the darkness around us. - Jennifer W., United Methodist Church

Musings, Meditations, and

Memories of One Slightly Dysfunctional American Family

By:  The Harper Kids

Publish America

ISBN# 1-4137-2915-0


177 pages

(Publisher’s discount price $16.95)


I suppose all of us could look back at our lives and our families and feel that our experiences would make a great book. The memories that made us smile, brought forth tears, increased our faith, and made us a family are so precious to us.

However, the question always is there, whether others will enjoy sharing what is so deep within our hearts.  It is a gamble, but one that I feel this family has won.


 This is a collection of stories about real people and their travels in life, told in their own words, sharing with the reader in a deep personal way.

As I read the different stories and adventures, the memories and the heart of these siblings; I was drawn into their world.  I found they openly shared their emotions with stark honesty.  Whether it was fear, quiet trust in God, anger and hurt over broken relationships, heartbreak of death, or the sweet fragrance of victory in life; they wrote words from the voice of their spirit to share, and I feel perhaps help another soul along the journey of life.

Throughout the work you sense their deep trust in a loving Creator; and you understand the commitment that is within this family towards each other, even if happenings have for a moment tried to sever that joining.  


  If you want to read a work that has words from open hearts and deep convictions, this is the one for you.  You will smile, shed a few tears, and realize that no family is perfect, no life is without challenges, but you will know that it is through these experiences that you become a family. Sharing life is what a family is all about; this work is a sweet reminder of that. Very highly recommended.


Shirley Johnson

Senior Reviewer

Midwest Book Review






"...for the Lord will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rear guard." - Isaiah 52:12